Through The Eyes Of An Introvert

Shumila Malik


If you are talkative and have lots of friends, you are probably very in! Everybody likes chatty and boisterous people who love picnics and parties and enjoy the clatter and chatter so much so that the ones who are trying to live their lives in harmony and quiet are either misunderstood or completely ignored! The society in general perceives people who don’t talk or socialize much as arrogant or rude or plain boring! Moreover, people don’t really understand what is it with you and the thing you have for solitude. In fact, they don’t even know what solitude is. They simply think you are some unfortunate, lonesome soul with no life whatsoever!


With so much clamour and excitement surrounding the ever popular and accepted members of the society, people like me almost always find it hard to adjust. What makes it all the more challenging is the fact that I…

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