Why is it hard to be an extroverted introvert? And yes, that exists

Tiro Speaking

So, you’re in a room full of people, on a party most probably. Someone approaches you (or you approach someone for some reason). You don’t feel anxiety, you don’t feel shy, you can normally talk to that other person as if you’ve known them for years. That’s the extroverted part of you. After a couple of minutes of nice chit-chat, that person goes away. Minutes pass, you’re standing/sitting alone.  You have no urge to communicate with others. You take a sip of what you’re drinking, watch the crowd, listen to the music and eat food. No one approaches you and you’re glad. You kind of wish you’ve stayed home and watched movies. That’s the introverted part. The moment someone does approach you, you awoke your own little extrovert. Again, you communicate with no boundaries whatsoever.

It sounds great, doesn’t it?


First of all, people don’t understand. You go out…

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