On Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

Silent Shout of Shy

For about a year, I have been wanting to read Susan Cain’s Quiet, a book about introverts in a talkative world. It has gathered quite a lot of acclaim since its publication in 2012, and, according to reviews, it has helped many introverts realize that they have a place and a purpose.

I still have not read it because my to-be-read queue is never-ending, but it is a book I am eager to read. So, I am ecstatic to happen upon a TED talk by Susan Cain about the topic. In The Power of Introverts talk, she highlights how western school and work environments devalue the individual reflection of introverts, and she suggests how this not only harms introverts, but society as a whole.

She emphasizes that introverts and extroverts require different (or opposite) environments for stimulation. Basically, introverts need solitude and extroverts need community. Yet, as she points…

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