On Being an Ambivert

Wonderlust Wanderland

Hello everyone!

If you’ve never taken the Myer Briggs personality test, I highly suggest you do because it really helps break down who you are. If you answer honestly I think you’ll find that it does a good and accurate job of reading you. First it determines whether you are introverted or extroverted, next it determines how you decipher information (through intuition or sensing), how you make decisions (thinking or feeling), and whether you are judging or perceiving. It takes all this information and gives you your personality type consisting of 4 letters. Mine is ENFP. So I am extroverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving. For the most part I believe this to be true, so I looked a little bit more into my personality type, because for some reason I wasn’t sure if extroverted was super correct. Yes, I love meeting people and going to parties and making friends, but sometimes…

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