What does it mean to be an introvert ?

Suvarna Academy

Our personalities are shaped during our childhood. Our behavior is influenced by people around us, usually our parents, siblings, university mates and friends.

By the time we realize we are introverts, we have reached a point of no return. We can’t change our personality overnight. We accept ourselves the way we are and surround ourselves with people who are like us.

Perhaps, introverts believe in themselves and their own abilities and do not find the need to seek approval from others.

Most of us are accepted the way we are while we are in under-graduate or post-graduate studies. It is only when one enters the corporate world, that I believe our personality makes a huge difference if we were to get ahead in the dog increasingly eat dog world of corporate politics.

It is unfortunate that in the corporate world though, traditionally, extroverted personalities have always got ahead because of their…

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