Introvert or Extrovert?


Hello Interweb,
Introvert: noun: a shy, reticent person.
Extrovert: noun: an outgoing, socially confident person.
So today in English class, I asked my teacher to read over an answer for my assignment, he started reading it and he was like “Wow, Megan I’m very impressed with how much you have done and what you have written”
“Why?” I was confused as to why he was so surprised.
“Because you’re an Extrovert, you know, you’re very loud, you talk to Emma a lot, you’re care free and laid back. Not an introvert, which is quiet and I’m very impressed with how you still manage to get all your work done”
And you know what, all i wanted to do was scream at him and tell him, he is wrong. Because people keep telling me this, but I really don’t feel like this inside at all. I feel so self conscious…

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