Introvert + Extravert = Ambivert!

Who the fuck is Elles?

Today I’m writing about something that has been bothering me lately. People labelling eachother with the terms ‘introvert’ or ‘extravert’. A personality theory introduced by Sigmund Freud and further popularized by Carl Jung. The general feeling that I feel is connected in society to those terms is that introverted people are of less value, that they should feel bad about not being a social bubbly extraverted person. NOT TRUE! First of all, we should see this theory as a spectrum, not as lables. Some people are just more people-focussed than others, that isn’t a bad thing. People who lean more towards introversion don’t need fixing (what extraverted people might think) and not always wanting to talk to people all the time doesn’t mean they’re less happy in life!

introverted problems

Personally, I thought I was more an introverted person than extraverted person, but I hate being labelled as one…

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