This Is A Perpetual Debate For Me.


Stumbled upon this long read on Facebook: An Introverted Writer’s Lament

I am an introvert and I write. The first paragraph resonated in me so much, I re-read twice. Personally, I think writing is a private affair. It is just me and my thoughts. There are so many times I wanted to post my writing here and I ended up moving them to the “Journal” section – for my eyes only.

As I continue reading the article, I identify with her pain.

Beginning of this year, I embarked on a new adventure. I joined a writing pact and the deal is to have someone accountable in the writing community. I started off with lots of ideas and with tones of gumption. As I write, I started to be very protective with my writing. It was hard to share with my mentor.

Now, before you jump into any conclusion. I love…

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