Embracing the introvert


It’s difficult to find these times of solitude as a wife and mum of two young boys. In fact, the most time is a couple of hours and I usually use that time for housework. I now know I am an introvert and I now understand exactly what that means. No wonder I needed to drink in social situations! I’m feeling more and more that now is the time I reward myself with solitude. So I’ve booked myself a mental health break in a different city. Just me. No hubby, no kids.

My eldest is turning 10 today. I think I can afford a more substantial “me time”, since it’s been 10 years without it! And while the logical part of my brain is writing this, I can hear that inner abuse bitch murmuring that I’m being selfish, that I’m spending money on just me, I’m putting pressure on my…

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