What It Feels Like to be an “Introvert”

Midwest Meanderings


I remember when I learned about introversion and extroversion in my college psych class, and it felt like a wave of relief to me. Growing up in the U.S. is basically like living in the extroversion olympics (events include: speed friending, joking 101, conversation starters on crack, and how fast you can fill a moment of silence). What’s up with that?

It’s not just the education system that celebrates these social butterflies, but the trend continues well into adulthood and the workplace. I’ve noticed the celebratory atmosphere that surrounds people who can easily network, say every opinion they have in meetings, and spend 45 minutes talking about every minute detail of their weekend is still ever-present .

I don’t mean to hate on extroverts, but it’s necessary to celebrate the quiet and calculated introverts that make up 50% of our society.

So what exactly is does it feel like to be…

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