Driving Adventures!

The Life and Lies of Introvert 1 and Introvert 2

I am a delivery driver now! This job is awesome because I do not have to deal with people and all of their stupid questions all day long. Just cool dudes who work at auto shops. It’s a don’t shoot the messenger kind of job (which is AWESOME!) so whenever there is a problem I tell them to call the store to get it fixed and I will deliver the right part if that is what is needed to help fix the situation.

Here’s what happened today.

Storytime Driving Adventures with Adryan!

So, I need to pull into traffic and will be taking a right turn, people are coming but this one car has Its turn signal on and is going about 3 miles per hour (sue me, I am exaggerating a wee bit, she was probably going 20 in a 30, for a delivery driver it’s the same darn…

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