working for a living…nah


54976-Social-AnxietyThis is my last week off work, and for over a week now I have already started my anxiety and panic over going back.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job and what I do, it is very rewarding work and I have been able to say I have made a positive impact on several kiddos over the years, but with my depression and anxiety, it is not easy for me to be a functional adult.  I have literally worked all but 2 years since I was 18, the 2 years I didn’t work, I decided I would stay home since Zoe was still little, that was the worst decision I ever made.  At the time I was seeing a doctor that had me so overmedicated that all I did was get Zoe to school, I would come home and get back in bed and sleep until my alarm…

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