Social event survival

Because Life Happens

I survived. I went to a party alone, an ex-colleague had invited me to her place for Hari Raya (or Eid as most people would know it)b. I knew there will be people I know (previous colleagues that I knew on a hi-bye basis), but none of the closer friends I made there, but the lady that invited me was a close friend, so I felt I had to go.

How do women take and post selfies of themselves so easily? You know those #ootd crap? I uncharacteristically felt like I looked nice today, so thought I would take one. No matter what way I contorted my arms, I couldn’t get a nice full shot. By the way there was an academic study done on people that constantly take and post selfies. Seriously, there had to be an academic study done to come to those conclusions?

Anyway, I went to…

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