I’ve Got An Issue #10: BREAKTIME from people.

MC's introvert Tales!

Welcome to I’ve got an Issue.

Last week was a long one, this week will be a short one.

I need a break from you lol.
This week I’ve been very uncertain, but certain that I don’t want to be around people. Maybe it is a introvert thing, but does anyone else feel the need to like need a break from everyone one you know or you will snap? I feel like that’s where I am at right now. It is odd because I know I don’t hate anyone, but why is it when I see their face or hear their voice this intense feeling of hatred appears on the brain? I don’t…what is this…even?

I only hung out with some people on Monday and I think I need to recharge my social meter. Very cool people, but something about that hangout triggered something that I need to admit because…

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