Dating An Extroverted Male

Dare to Dream


Being that I am an introvert and my boyfriend in an extrovert we have many differences; we think about things differently, we feel differently, we act differently, we have different anxieties and we have different experiences. The way we perceive life is different from each other at times because of our drastic differences in our personalities. Now, yes we are very different but at the same time there are days where I feel like he is one person that is most like me in the world; we are both very analytical, observant, insecure sometimes, and we both are loving people. Being in a relationship like this has really molded, stretched and developed me a lot. Here are some things that I have learned in dating an extrovert.

First thing: Communication is key!

When two people have different personality it is easy to have misunderstandings. It is easy to get…

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