Quote of the Week – Loneliness vs. Being Alone

An Artist's Block

If you make friends with yourself, you will never be alone

-Maxwell Maltz

I feel like this quote can either be seen as very sad or very uplifting depending on who you are or what situation you’re in. On one hand, it shows that it’s ok to be by yourself, for you can truly get to know yourself and be introspective. On the other hand, we are social beings, and as much as some can be or like to be by themselves, many times, we want to be with someone else in a social capacity. And I don’t mean via social media, but in person. This can mean baking cookies with a friend, going on a date with a significant other, eating out with your family, or a host of other things.

As an introvert, I’m one of those people who have made excellent friends with themselves. Sometimes just being alone…

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