Pentecostalism and Introverts: How The Two Groups Interact & Function Together

Swords to Plowshares

Why I Wrote This

The original goal for this research grew from a desire to see if the experience and intuition I had were a broader experience in the Pentecostal church or just an anomaly. As the research progressed, it was obvious that my research here would have to serve as a starting point for more in-depth research in the future.

Really, this is a study of perception; along the way we may learn something about the Pentecostal church, but the end goal was to see how the Pentecostal church is perceived. Before we get to the data, there are two things we need to clarify.

1. Pentecostalism is HUGE

Pentecostalism is an umbrella term that covers hundreds of different denominations and groups. This study is not a study of a particular brand of Pentecostalism or any particular movement. In the study the participants are allowed to interpret theā€¦

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