Introversion and Selfishness…

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So, I am an introvert and a blog by Crystal Kona (A-letter-from-an-introvert-to-other-introverts/) got me thinking. What was originally meant as a comment on the post turned out a bit lengthier..:-P Here it is:
1. Self preservation is one of the strongest and deepest human instincts.
2. There are degrees of introversion.
3. There are degrees of friendship.
If there is a choice between hurting others or self (by talking to people/going for an outing or a party), most of the times I choose others because whenever I hurt myself, I go into deeper ‘social’ seclusion and that helps no one. Rather, it hurts and alienates more people than originally intended. Also, there are degrees of friendship: the acquaintances, the good friends and lastly, the best ones. The social time one spends with one’s friends/acquaintances depends on the degree of friendship between the concerned parties. It is…

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