Mr. Quiet


Have you read the Mr. Men and Little Miss books before? I caught a great Groupon deal and got a set of 8 for my daughter. She loves Mr. Nosey and the Big Surprise. Loves in a way a toddler loves and reads it incessantly. We checked out Mr. Quiet from the library. This was more so for me than for her. I love things to be quiet. I have two kids under 3. Things are never quiet. Please do not misunderstand this as I never turn the radio up and sing as loud as possible. That happens all the time too. However my default state of being is quiet. Not talking. Not tapping. Sitting very still quiet. This is part of being an introvert. I get energized from being quiet. With two little kids, it has been a long time since I have felt energized!

Here is how theā€¦

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