INFJ Turbulence – TOP 10 Ironies of being a Turbulent INFJ. (At least in my experience)

The Complex Vortex

(In no particular order)

1.) We loathe domineering attitudes even though we tend to seem domineering to others.

2.) We don’t like to be boxed in, but enjoy judging & categorizing people. Not in an effort to judge people, but in an effort to better understand them.

3.) Having so many creative ideas but not being able to discern what would be interesting or just plain boring.

4.) Not meaning to hurt anyone, but ending up doing so anyway. (Unintentionally) Then spending forever apologizing for it while also feeling guilty because we weren’t lying about what we felt. (Yet at the same time regretting that we didn’t say it in a better way.)

5.) Others may see how we are when we’re angry as us “showing our true colors.” When in reality, it’s because we feel that there are times when we must stand up for what we believe in.

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