Building Smart Habits : Acquiring Social Skills.

Vice Media Management

As you venture further and further into your adult life, I’m sure you’ve noticed the ever-growing importance of social skills. Whether it’s with business, women, or friends, you’ve seen the benefits of being outgoing and fun. I truly believe that social skills are the most important skill you can have in today’s world, but how exactly do you “get good at talking to people”? What if you’re an introvert? There are a few ways, but before we get into that, I’d like to discuss removing some limiting beliefs that will hinder your ability to be that social butterfly you’ve always wished you could be.

“But Nick, I’m an introvert, this stuff doesn’t come naturally to me.”

Unfortunately, I disagree. Barring severe anxiety issues (which you should be seeing a therapist for, not trying to fix it over the internet), everyone has the ability to be a social person. Think back…

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