The Introvert Who Was An Extrovert

You Are Normal, I Promise.

goldfish jumping out of the water Which One Are You?

The Extrovert:

When I was in middle school, I wanted to be the center of attention whether it was good or bad. I was a jokester who did not mind the jokes being pointed at me, but as long as it was at me. The middle school age is not a fun memory for most people with our braces, baby fat, and constant mood changes; however, it shaped me into who I am today. Well, it shaped my life for high school, that is. Those days were sometimes crazier than I thought was ever possible and the attention I received was enough to keep me happy. I was the one who loved to be in the yearbook, make public speeches, and try anything in front of anyone. I never had time to myself, nor did I want to know what that felt likeā€¦until now

The Introvert:

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