Parenting Fail of the Week: What really happens when your 4-year-old is very, very quiet

IMG_6159Do not pat yourself on the back. Do not congratulate yourself. This is not the breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for—the day when finally, he’s playing quietly, entertaining himself, writing the immortal novel or finishing his treatise on the social habits of roly poly bugs.

We’ve actually been hoping that sooner or later, The Bear would just spontaneously grow a halo and wouldn’t depend so much on us for entertainment. He learned to go potty in the potty, didn’t he? And that was a miracle we thought would never happen, so why can’t the lad embrace independent play? He likes people, though, so even when he’s playing by himself, he’s in the same room, talking and engaging whatever breathing human is in the vicinity. It’s an extrovert trait but we’re hesitant to label, even though he’s also the kid who walks right up to anyone he sees and introduces himself…

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