I’m Me and it can be Overwhelming


I am an introvert. On the introversion scale (I’m not sure if its a real thing but for my sake just use your imagination) I’m not very highly introverted… sometimes. I love people. They are interesting and complex. Frustrating and annoying at times, and I don’t always understand why they do some of the things they do. People are confusing, and they disappoint. They’re forgetful and sometimes (on purpose or not) they hurt you.

Being a person is also an interesting experience. It’s difficult: fitting in, standing out. Saying the right things, pleasing others. Standing up for what you think is right. I’ve found that being a person who doesn’t want to disappoint and hurt and be like others, I often end up doing those things anyway. I’ve lived a lot of my life wanting to fit in, but be different. You see my dilemma?

Another confession is that I…

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