I swear,

My Starving Spirit

explaining introversion to people who: 1. are probably extroverts and 2. don’t understand the necessity of alone time, is REALLY hard.

Tonight my older brother and I went to our friends art show, and a few of our friends wanted to go out to dinner. I had driven us there, so he looked at me as if it were my call (which it was) and I just was like “Sorry guys, I’m so beat, I need alone time.” because I had a super busy annoying week… and my friend was like “You do you girl. Go recharge.” I high-fived her because she gets it.

But in the car my brother kept asking me questions about needing to recharge—”Say, in the future, you and your husband have plans, but you haven’t had alone time—would you ever cancel on him?” I didn’t even need to think about it.

“Absolutely,” I said, “but…

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