Being an introvert matters.

A Very Loud Mind

Hello world. How have you been?

Today’s post is something that really matters to me. Lately, I have realized that many people do not understand its meaning or its importance.

In my very first introductory post, I stated that I am what people call an introvert. Just like I accepted myself as a gay person, I recently accepted myself as an introvert. Being an introvert is something really beautiful. I don’t understand people who think that being around other people is something vital. Being alone is vital, trust me.

Once, in an interview, the interviewer asked me what I do when I feel angry or in need to release some of the stress. Without thinking, I answered “I randomly drive around in my car, alone”. She looked at me surprised and said “Well yeah, some people do that”. This is what I really do. I just love spending some time…

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