7 Signs That You’re An Extrovert Stuck In A Broom Closet

Minhdzuy Khorami


We spend most of our lives searching for who we truly are and often, we turn to others to see if their similar experiences can help us shuffle it all out. In our journey to discover ourselves, we uncover similarities across differing personalities. Here are 7 signs that we have found will generally point to you being an extrovert stuck in a broom closet!

1. You like to talk about your thoughts and feelings, like how scared you are of dying in a broom closet. 

2. You love meeting new people, specifically people who could potentially unlock the door to the broom closet.

3. You look to others and outside sources for ideas an inspiration on how to escape from that broom closet.

4. You have numerous, broad interests including doors, locks, and escape.

5. You feel energized after big events such as a bunch of firemen breaking open the…

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