4 Signs You Might be An Extro/Introvert

Faith & Fancies

I honestly didn’t want to publish this blog post, because in a way I can see how it appears that I’ve created my own personality type. But then again, I have my very own unique personality just like you. God created our personalities so that no two are the same. Yes, as much as you think that you and your best friend are “twinzies”, you’re still quite different. Yet I do think that there is some grey area between extroversion and introversion. If you feel confused on what side of the spectrum you are on, then maybe you’re in the middle. I think I’m in the middle and here are my ramblings for why (proceed at your own risk)… I’m a huge advocate for Myers Briggs personality typing. I am an ISFJ. Also known as, alone time hoarder, control freak, organizational fanatic, lover of reality tv (okay, so maybe that isn’t related)…

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