Why You Probably Have Misconceptions about Quiet People: What’s So Comforting About All the Noise?

Woman of Letters


When I was little, my mother worried I enjoyed reading alone in my room too much and forced me to go ask my next door neighbor to play. Traumatic. She still worries. Even now friends tell me I need a roommate, that I should learn to use the phone, that I should break out of my shell, that I should invite people to get drinks, go see a movie, go shopping, play with beanie babies … (Just kidding. I totally do not still have a box of beanie babies. Who still has beanie babies?)


(Yes I do.)

As if life awaits me and all I need is a charismatic friend to save me and help me break out of my shell.


I’m so glad my socially adept friend showed me how boring I am and helped me break out of this metaphorical shell! Fulfillment here I come!!!!

If you do…

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