I’m An Extroverted Introvert and It’s All Thanks To Book Blogging

The Book Worm Blogg

Since beginning my blog I’ve become this strange combination of introvert and extrovert…

DSC_0705 - Edited

Growing up, books were a huge part of my life and unfortunately reading can be a very solitary hobby at times. I’m not sure whether my introverted side was born from my own personality or from my obsessive reading habits and subsequent solitary lifestyle but the point is, my internal batteries recharge in ‘Me Time’, not ‘Us Time’. Natural introvert.

I have one of the best friends ever, and she’s a reader. Half the time (more like 90%) all our conversations are about books we’ve read or about books we want to read or about what we think will happen in the next instalment of whatever series we are into at that time.

But unfortunately we live in different countries now so I find myself back to being an introvert, reading on my lunch breaks at work and…

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