Fear of small talk


I wouldn’t say much to you
for I wouldn’t want to scare you away with questions
questions of what scares you, what makes you cry
makes you raise your fist against the skies and what makes you cringe at night.
show me your darkest corners, suffer me to pass through your insecurities
all worth it, just as long as I know you are real, breathing and alive.

wouldnt dare to disrespect you with small talk
wouldnt dare to dishonor you one of my million facades
would never want you to be anyting else

so screaming silence is what lay between us
as I contemplate how useless my everything else is
for tomorrow you might not see me like you did today
but today my esence burns for you, writhing, screaming, fire liquid
gushing through my gut, setting the rusty gears of my heart in motion again

didn’t think it would…

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